Beef Jerky - Dehydrated

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These Beef Jerky treats are 100% Australian

An all-natural product with no preservatives or additives just dehydrated.

Beef is an excellent source of Protein, Iron and Zinc and is high in essential vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin B and Niacin.
Beef Jerky is delicious, hard and chewy strips of beef.Beef jerky assists in maintaining good dental hygiene.
Beef Jerky is suitable for dogs of all sizes.The enticing aroma of Beef Jerky will have your dog's mouth-watering in no time

Heidi’s Doggie Treats is committed to finding the highest quality of Australian meat & fish with high dehydrating standards to ensure your dog is treated with high quality ingredients that only contain real meat or real fish. Our dogs deserve the best treats and the best health. 


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