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   100% Chicken breast, Dehydrated  LOVELY AND CRUNCHY 

Our dehydrated chicken breast is just that -100% quality chicken breast slices that we dehydrate to perfection with absolutely nothing added. When you start with a farm fresh product you don't need to add anything so, no salt, sugar,chemicals, preservatives and especially no colours or flavours! We can also be sure that there is nothing added prior to our manufacturing either - this means that you can be confident of a pure and chemical free product!

This is an extremely healthy treat for both dogs and cats and we find that they love the natural flavour!

Heidi’s Doggie Treats is committed to finding the highest quality of Australian meat & fish with high dehydrating standards to ensure your dog is treated with high quality ingredients that only contain real meat or real fish. Our dogs deserve the best treats and the best health. 

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