Doggie Biscuits 100% Gluten Free & Wheat FREE

Our Biscuit Guarantee                  Pay Less and Buy the Best


 NO Artificial Flavours - NO Fillers - No Added Fats - No Added  Salts - No Added  Sugars -  No Added Additives - No Added Preservatives - NO Wheat

               All PREMIUM QUALITY with Human Grade Ingredients

                                   Handmade & Baked Fresh

                               100% Gluten FREE & Wheat FREE - Guaranteed 

These fun & delicious gluten/wheat free treats are home cooked with love in mum’s kitchen.

Heidi's Doggie Treats are a healthy and tasty option for your best friend. If they are not already your best friend they will be once they have tried these tasty healthy treats.

All ingredients are 100% gluten and wheat free.  A fantastic idea for those dogs who suffer from allergies.

At Heidi's Doggie Treats we pride ourselves on making treats with real wholesome and human grade ingredients. 

If you Dog has a special taste, just tell us, if it is healthy we can make it!


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