Why Heidi's Doggie Treats?

Here at Heidi's Doggie Treats, we believe in Natural and Healthy Treats. Our Jerkies are made from 100% Australian meat. Our Raw Food is made fresh every day with 100% Australian Quality ingredients .Our treats are FREE from Potassium Sorbate, Tallow, Gum, Grain, Gluten,Additional Salt & Additional Sugar/Sucrose and other Nasties. And we believe every Dog deserves the very best.

How much is delivery?

$9.95 Flat Rate Australia Parcel Post Delivery 

Can I get my Order delivered to my work?

Yes you sure can. Just put your delivery address down as your work address in our delivery section and we will send it there.

What are the BIG No's in Dog Food?

Big No Nos

Onions Avocado Mushrooms Grapes, raisins, sultanas Macadamia nuts Dairy (except low fat all natural yoghurt which is good for them) Fruit pips (contain cyanide) Bread dough Anything with caffeine Chocolate.







Some of our favourite products