Kangaroo Heart - Dehydrated

Heidi's Doggie Treats


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Kangaroo Hearts are great for tougher chewers. This really allows for dogs jaws to work hard to help promote healthy gums by acting as a natural teeth cleaner.

The quality is second to none!                                                          

Kangaroo is the most non-allergenic meat dogs can eat. Perfect for those sensitive stomachs and dogs prone to allergies.

No preservatives, no chemicals and produced in our outback. All made to human consumption grade standards and less than 2% fat and allergen free.

High in anti oxidants, highest level of Omega 3. High concentration of natural B 12 Vitamin for cell renewal.

Heidi’s Doggie Treats is committed to finding the highest quality of Australian meat & fish with high dehydrating standards to ensure your dog is treated with high quality ingredients that only contain real meat or real fish. Our dogs deserve the best treats and the best health. 


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