Shark Cartilage Chews (100 g Pack) for Dogs

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                 Shark Cartilage Chews

Shark Cartilage has been said to be somewhat of a miracle food. Besides its great chewing properties, there are many vital micro nutrients that your dog won’t get anywhere else.
Cartilage contains cells called Chondrocytes, which are surrounded by collagen (a fibrous protein) & Proteoglycans, which are made of protein & carbohydrate.

Shark Cartilage has been known to be very successful when it comes to helping reduce pain & ailments associated with arthritic complaints. This product can also help with itchy, flaky skin conditions & may improve coat health & appearance.

All shark products are sustain-ably fished through the Australian Fisheries catch

Heidi’s Doggie Treats is committed to finding the highest quality of Australian meat & fish with high dehydrating standards to ensure your dog is treated with high quality ingredients that only contain real meat or real fish. Our dogs deserve the best treats and the best health. 

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